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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I remember...

September 11th, 2001

This year I did not watch any news coverage on 9/11. I did stop and pause...wondering how the survivors are doing. Thinking about the children who lost a parent. Can it really be 7 years ago?

I remember driving to work to interpret a 9am class at RIT. At a traffic light, I turned the radio to a Christian station. At 8:42 they interpreted with a news flash that a plane had crashed into a tower at the World Trade Center. Honestly, I didn't think too much of it. It's not like Christian radio is known for being a great news source. But all during the class, deaf students were whipping out their sidekicks (back in the days when those phones were just coming out!) and telling me that a second plane crashed. I honestly could not picture what was going on. After class, I ran to my office and tried to get on line for some information. All the news sites were bottlenecked with Internet traffic. Everyone wanted to get more information.

Eventually, facts started to fall into place and reality of the horror started to sink in. One interpreter was hysterical because she thought her husband was on one of the planes. (he wasn't) I was concerned about my uncle and cousins who worked in NYC. (they were safe)

I was glued to the TV for weeks. I sewed a mini American flag from scraps as I watched program after program show the devastation. I cried for the families who lost loved ones. I cried because I couldn't understand how this could happen in America.

I still remember....

Where were you on Sept 11th, 2001?



bloggin' Chrystal said...

I was holding my precious 1 year old in my arms glued to the TV. I skipped class because I was afraid. I will never forget either. thanks for the comment.

Ronda said...

I was at RIT too, as a student. I remember I couldn't believe we were still having class with all that was going on.

Katie said...

Hi Amy, there isn't a "store" but if you e-mail Sandy she can tell you everything she has here in the states currently, or discuss a custom order with you. :-)

Joybells said...

Thank you for writing this. I was at work. I too was glued to the TV for what seemed like weeks. I had to force myself to STOP watching b/c it just broke my heart and it broke the humanity of men in my mind. I'm thankful we are 7 years away. Very sad.


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