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Thursday, September 11, 2008


I got nothin today. It's been so busy at work I can hardly think today, so I'll point you to the site I browsed while on hold with the IRS for an hour and a half. That's 90 minutes of classical music, folks. I've listened to worse, but I've also listened to better hold music as a video interpreter. Is there anyone out there who would seriously wait 90 minutes to talk to someone at the IRS? I would have hung up after 4 and called back at another time. But that's just me.

Check out the Nester and all the people who have linked up with pictures of good, bad and ugly fake plants in their homes. I'm gonna go pull all the questionable ones off my shelves and cupboards when I get home....I've always been unsure how to place the fake stuff and maybe it's because I just don't like it all that much.



Melissa said...

yeah, we were crazy busy yesterday too. hopefully it won't be as bad tomorrow!!! .... hopefully!

melissa*smith said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! You are so funny with the birds~my neighbor is freaked out with them too. I'm glad to know you are a berry garland girl too :) Blessings,


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