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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Painting like a Pro!

I've been painting again. Somehow I caught the painting bug. Who gave that to me? It doesn't seem to be contagious, since I'm the only one in the house getting paint on my fingers and toes.

Everyone said that painting a bathroom was harder than a normal room. Since I finished the bathroom, I figured I might as well find out if that's true. It took me about a week to paint during nap times, but it looks FABULOUS! My occasional compulsive disorder flared up and I spent a couple hours doing touch ups with a minuscule paintbrush. Apparently I spent too much time watching my perfectionist husband work on our new patio and his ways rubbed off on me.

I did a little research on painting like a pro and made some adjustments to my technique. I used the dreaded blue tape along all the edges. I painted a quick layer of white primer on top of the tape. That way if the paint leaked (and face it, it always does) the leak will be white paint which blends into the white trim. Then I painted 2 coats of sage green over the primer with an edger tool and ripped off the tape while still wet. It made for 90% better results! I couldn't do this on the ceiling because of the bumpity stuff. I'm still looking for tips, since eventually I'll get around to painting our master bedroom and bath.

This picture was to show you my awesome new painting trick and to show you the "willow tree" color on my walls. It doesn't look so perfect in the picture, but trust me. It is a huge improvement over the bathroom.

I'm painting the furniture that will go in this guest room/ office. The big reveal will be sometime this month, I hope.



dana said...

LOVE that color.
I'm so glad you've become a painter! New talents!

Anonymous said...

You go girl....nothing like fresh paint to spruce things up and I love your color choice...can't wait to see the furniture are you gonna pull a "kimba" on it?


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