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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Changing it up

This is what my mantle looked like last week. It ended up being a bit matchy-matchy, even- Steven, but I think it looks alright. It will probably look like this again once all the holiday decorations have been put away and I'm ready for the "every day" mantle to be put back in place.
I've had that itty bitty clock on my wall for a while now. I've decided it's too small for that space.

I moved my metal scrolly thing over. It makes a stronger statement than the clock in that small space. Bonus: there was already a hole in the wall with an anchor waiting for something heavy. I do miss my clock though.

I'm working on switching up the mantle for the change in season. It's quite unfortunate that I have the desire to decorate for fall, since I FINNALLY stopped moving stuff around up there. The fall decorating isn't going very well. I've shopped my house and there just isn't much to work with. I'll have to get out to a store for some decorations and pick up a bunch of pumpkins. Nothing says fall like bright orange pumpkins!


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