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Thursday, July 10, 2008

A pee pee proof matress

Knowing that I was entering the potty training era, I purchased a high quality waterproof mattress pad cover for my son's twin bed. I figured it was a good investment because some kids wet the bed for YEARS and YEARS. The padding was thick and luxurious with a plastic lining on the bottom. The first thing I did was wash it and put it in the drier. Yes, I actually put something that contained plastic as a main component into the drier. It melted and ripped, of course.

I wasn't about to buy another one, so I came up with a little plan to layer his bed. I bought a $.99 shower curtain and put it on the naked mattress. Then I covered it with a sheet so it will stay in place. Then I put the half melted, but still cushy mattress pad over that. The final layer is the sheet he will sleep on. This works for me...I think...I hope.

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Anonymous said...

We had one to those fancy pads for O and I used to put it in the dryer on low heat and then pull it apart because it would get stuck over time it did rip...then for E I just did the shower curtain with a cheapy mattress cover and a sheet too!!!

Anonymous said...

I never thought of a shower curtain! I buy the mattress bags (with zippers) to completely cover my boys' beds. They always tear and I replace them at least once or twice a year. Shower curtains are much thicker and probably don't crunch as much when you lay on them. Thanks so much. No more mattress bags.

Kristin said...

I have a few waterproof mattress pads that we put in the dryer all the time with no troubles. They were from JCPenney, and they weren't very expensive. I promise they have never ever melted! I will find the item for you if you want to pursue it. (My son has a twin bed, though, and it looks like yours may have a toddler bed; I don't know what their selection is like.)

Lisa said...

I have put mine in the dryer too. Gosh - sorry about that. I think the shower curtain is great and you won't feel bag at all when you throw it away!


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