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Friday, July 8, 2011

Brownie cut outs

Kaylee asked to make cut out cookies using different shapes.   I almost groaned out loud.   Cut out cookies are so much work!    I make them at Christmas time, but it’s a 3 day event.

Day one:  Make the dough

Day two:  Cut them out and bake

Day three:  Decorate cookies

Maybe I could toughen up and pull it off in two days….but today I used a brownie mix.  Sprayed a large cookie tray and baked a thin layer of brownies for 20 minutes.


We tried to maximize the placement and got about 12 cut outs.  The poor gingerbread man lost a leg and an arm.


The best part just may be all the “leftover” parts that must be eaten.  Smile


They will be decorated on day 2….if any survive that long before we eat them up.  




1 comment:

Ronda said...

I saw this done on Martha Stewart and she rolled up the left over bits into balls, and dusted them with powdered sugar and nuts, to make truffles! They look so yummy


Made by Brian Trager