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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Things that Joshua says...

*I did a burp in my diaper!
*Please don't be mad at me, ok?
*I want to play cars with you. Right now.
*Are you going to turn left now? (when I start to turn left in the car)
*I love you so much! I love you 131. (his favorite number)
*Grammie is my best friend.

* Kaylee is a princess and I'm Prince Charming. (I do call her a princess, but he came up with the Prince Charming himself.)

Joshua stayed at my mom's house for 3 days. We planned for 2, but he did so well that we stretched it into 3 days. I think he would have been fine for a whole week. I had grandiose ideas of all I was going to accomplish while he was away. I do have some fun things to show off this week, but I still had to take care of the baby, who is teething once again. I didn't even get around to mopping my kitchen floor. Blueberries, cheese, bananas are mushed all over, and have been there since we left town for the July 4th holiday. My mom says I'll have plenty of time to wash the floors when the kids are grown up. Sounds like my favorite poem.



ookamama said...

I died laughing when Mom told me the" burp in my diaper " . HILARIOUS.... man he is going to miss Mom tomorrow when she flys out this way.

Anonymous said...

Kid say such cute things...this morning O told my MIL that he has been alive a REALLY long time....he was born in 2001 and now it is 2008..Grandma that is a LONG which she laughed and replied she also has been alive a LONG time :)

Can't wait to see what you worked on while he was gone!!


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