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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beauty meets function

Hello beautiful………..


Less than 7 minutes with my Silhouette machine and this heavy duty machine turned into a lovely little kitchen accessory. 


I got this Kitchen Aid for Christmas almost 4 years ago.

The Christmas that I was pregnant with baby #2, Brian found an amazing deal on this professional grade mixer.  He was so excited to give it to me!   He went on and on about how his Christmas gift was going to make my life easier, that it really would help me out now that we were going to have two kids.   I started getting very very excited too..thinking….what has he found to revolutionize my world?   A cleaning service?   Magic laundry cleaners? Automatic bed maker?

It was this Kitchen Aid.  

His mom says that anything that plugs into the wall, or is used in the kitchen shouldn’t be called a “gift”.  

I like it quite a bit, and LOVE it’s pretty new decal.



Anette said...

Helloooo from Vancouver! Washington that is. Yes, I am still next to Portland, OR (literally right over the border. Just wanted to say hello! I catch up on your life, via your blog, which I love. So you, and funny! I miss all of my Interpretek/RIT friends dearly, but not Rochester. :) Looks like I may be coming for a visit in June...if ya'll have a girls night while I am there I would love to come! Hope all is well...


Traci Michele said...

Oh my! So jealous!



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