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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweater applique

I found a really cool shop on  paviapavia   She sells some really cool appliques, lace trimmings, brooches and belt buckles.   The prices are amazing so I ordered a few things to start out with.

This applique was $3.75.   Crazy price!  I didn't have anything in mind when I bought it...just thought it looked interesting.

I pulled out everything in my closet that looked like it might be in that color family....

And there was a very clear winner!
This Target sweater that I got on clearance was a PERFECT, EXACT match.   A match made in heaven...

I cut the appliqued piece apart and pinned them in place.   It took me about 20 minutes (at 3 different times) to finish, but it turned out so great!    I love doing something little to make an off the rack sweater just a bit more special.


Christine said...

It's awesome! And you look great in it too :)

mom said...

SOOOOOO cute!!! It looks so much better....and by the way...I think you look adorable in the cowboy hat! = )


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