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Friday, June 6, 2008

Tis the season

For Garage Sales!
I got this globe at a sale on my street for $3. I got that huge book for a quarter. It's a dictionary from 1947. It's a great maroon color, thick enough to stack something ontop. I got the dark red vase from Joann's for $4. The tops of my bookcase wall are starting to shape up.
I got this pile of clothes for Joshua for about $6. Can't beat that! One of my friends asked me recently where I got clothes for my kids since they are always dressed so nice. I believe I said something like, "Oh, here and there." But what I really meant was garage sales and hand me downs! haha. Now my secret is out...



Anonymous said...

Great Deals...that always feels so good.

lizzy said...

wow, your even a day ahead of yourself! Poor Kaylee, hope they pop through soon. Loved seeing you all this weekend, and miss you already. Love looking at the pics , just ordered some.=)


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