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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Melting of the crayons

I saw this idea on Make and Take. For some reason I thought we had a lot of broken crayons. I hardly had enough to justify doing this little experiment. I wonder if I toss those little crayon pieces out as I find them? I wouldn't be surprised...

I was concerned about using my everyday muffin tins for this project. So I dug out some Easter egg shaped tin. I sprayed it with Canola cooking spray and filled it up with the broken crayons. (after Joshua and I peeled off all the paper on the crayons)

I put it in the oven at 350 for a few minutes till they were all melted. On the way out of the oven, I jilted the pan and the wax went all over. I knew there would be a reason to use the Easter egg tin. That wasn't fun to clean off.

Here is the end result. Kinda funky.


Anonymous said...

You are so good you look at tutorials and then actually do them go Amy Jo!!!
Ok so I feel really bad....I have not yet hung those canvases yet and I did not think you would want to see a picture of them stacked in the office :) I will get them hung very soon and then send a pic...I feel bad every time I walk by them!

Anonymous said...

No I did not have any problems and I added the photos last night....I do have that happen sometimes though it does not usually last that long....

Sara said...

you are so creative! I hope I remember all of these tips because they are all SO fun- you rock!

Donna said...

what do you do with the final product? Use them as decoration or as crayons?


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