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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fashion Confessions

A post on my friend's blog made me smile, and evaluate the things I have in my wardrobe. I've got some oldies but goodies, some everyday boring clothes, and some stuff that just doesn't belong. Unfortunately, I wore something from the latter category today to church. I'm still wearing it as I type, to be honest. But as soon as it leaves my body it will go into the donation box. After I wash gotta wash things before you donate, right?


- It was given to me, so no $ invested and no emotional attachment
- It never needs to be ironed. NEVER! ..and I don't iron
- Button down front for easy nursing


-Busy pattern on black background
- Way too short and big for me


- From a maternity store
- Makes me look like I'm starting "to show"
- Shoulder pads

My only excuse for wearing this dress is my continued state of sleep depreivation. It's causing me to make poor decisions, including fashion choices. I needed something clean and wrinkle free. This poor little dress fit that short list of requirements. For those of you concerned for my well being, I must report that I'm now on night 9 of getting little to no sleep. Last night,

I went to bed at 10
Kaylee at 10:50PM
VRI at 11:30PM
Kaylee at 2:30AM
VRI at 3:30AM
VRI at 4:25AM
VRI at 5:35AM
Joshua climbed into my bed at 7:30AM
Kaylee woke at 8:30AM

VRI is an extra job I do about once a week, where I interpret from home for hospitals when deaf people go to the ER. I gotta get rid of that. ASAP.



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness....this is as funny as Carole's post. Can't wait to see the pictures. I say ditch the VRI thing asap maybe even faster than the dress!!

Sara said...

awwww honey... i hope Mr. Sandman visits you soon....I saw take some of the VRI money (like your last check) and go to NY & Co to get yourself a "i haven't slept and I am a hard working mommy" gift... they had 70% off sale recently- tons of cute things!!

Anonymous said...

Ok I give you credit for following thru and posting the pics. What I notice first is how similar it is in style and pattern to Carole's shirt....I would say ditch it as your hubby does not love it am I right? Something with better fitting would be more flattering. I am with you though...I need to keep an eye on my own wardrobe :)


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