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Monday, June 9, 2008

Just 30 minutes

Our family reunion last weekend was great in two regards. FAMILY and FOOD. We ate very well. VERY WELL. Each family was responsible for 2 meals and we prepared the best that we could on a camp stove and charcoal grill. When I got home and looked at the photos I realized, wow. I'm fat and I really can't use the "I just had a baby" card any more. Isn't that always how it happens? Although I wouldn't call the mirror my friend, it doesn't show off the same angles that a camera does.
I am determined to make small changes and less excuses. I read something over at her site that emphasised the importance of 30 minutes of exercise a day. Duh! Of course my body needs that! Last week I managed to walk or bike 5 out of 7 days, and my ever so friendly scale says I've lost 5.5lb. I'm not so sure I trust it, since it's one of those bi-polar digital scales. Exercise always leads to eating less sugar and junk for me. Seems like my body doesn't crave it as much. Key words: AS MUCH! I've decided for now not to start Weight Watchers or do anything super radical. My body is going through enough issues in the sleep department that I really just need to eat what I need to eat for right now.

You can’t say you don’t have time to exercise. Exercise improves your
energy levels and mood which makes you more productive than any time lost.

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Sara said...

CONGRATS on all your hard work and commitment! :-)


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