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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The results are in!

If you participated on my most recent poll, thank you! The poll said: "Chocolate chips are 1) strictly used for baking or 2)are my secret chocolate stash".

And the results are......
1 person uses chocolate chips only for baking
7 people consider chocolate chips their secret chocolate stash

I've very curious who that lone person is who never steals from the baking chips. I'm dying to know their dress size, although I know that's not polite to ask. So I won't. But I'll be wondering. I bet she's skinny.

I forgot to post the results of my very first poll. Here it is, very belated, and totally from memory. "According to fashion experts, your handbag is supposed to match your hair color"

1 person said "I'm so embarrassed! I didn't' know!"
1 person said "Of course my purse matches my hair color"
8 people said "That's a stupid fashion rule"

1 comment:

Sara said...

ok.. i admit .. it was me.. i said chocolate chips are just for baking... i love chocolate but my sweet tooth is more for fruity stuff...


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