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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

vintage suitcases

“Are you shipping your kids off somewhere?”  my friend asked, looking at the little suitcases lined up in my living room. 

2013-02-02 002 2013-02-02 019

I actually use them to store games that have lots of pieces.

The big green baby is full of wooden blocks.

The medium brown holds Mr. Potato Head and his family.

The cute little blue one has magnetic dolls and accessories.  

Everything else gets tossed in the huge toy chest, the sea of lost and random toys, but I’ll take even limited organization.

2013-02-02 002 2013-02-02 017

I cut out some vinyl with my Silhouette machine to add a bit of interest to these yard sale suitcases.

2013-02-02 002 2013-02-02 016

I picked these up at three different sales for $2 each.  I guess that’s the going price for old suitcases?   Before I buy, I do a sniff test to made sure they don’t smell like mold or nasty stank. The little blue one smells a little bit like old lady perfume, but it’s not too bad.   Then I check the interior for any suspicious yucky spots.  Then I check that the latches work well. 

The kids use the suitcases EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. but mostly as step stools, or building blocks or “walls” for a fort in the living room. 

These suitcases are CLASSIC!  I love the the hard outside cases and the way they snap open and closed.  They just don’t make them like that anymore, right?


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