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Friday, February 22, 2013

Painted bracelets

When my mom comes to visit, the kids swarm her looking for the “bag of tricks” that she always packs full of projects, stickers, books or other things for the kids.  There’s often something in there for me too, which is awesome!2013-01-20 003 2013-01-20 040

On her last visit, she brought an empty wrapping paper roll, paints and a zillion gems and assorted bling to create bracelets.

2013-01-20 003 2013-01-20 046

The cardboard tube was cut into sections, and then slit open to become a “one size fits most” type of bracelet.

2013-01-20 003 2013-01-20 051

Paint, paint, everywhere!

2013-01-20 003 2013-01-20 045

Itty bitty hands….little tiny fingers…..

2013-01-20 003 2013-01-20 030

Complete concentration…painting first, then gluing on some bling.

2013-01-20 003 2013-01-20 028

2013-01-20 003 2013-01-20 025

And here is the finished product!   I was gifted several of these beauties and I sure hope a couple made it back home with my mom!

2013-01-20 002 2013-01-20 002



mom said...

nice to see the pics that Brian loves taking them!

Neabear said...

What a fun activity!



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