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Monday, February 25, 2013

100 days of school


2013-02-10 002 2013-02-10 030

100 days of school.

  100 plastic buttons. 

Awesome buttons, scored at a garage sale for $2.

I probably have 200 of them, which is A.LOT. 

I just *knew* they’d come in handy one of these days! 

2013-02-10 002 2013-02-10 028

Brian got a new camera lens and can take really awesome pictures.  

Who knew that pictures of buttons could look so cool……

2013-02-10 002 2013-02-10 020

Kaylee is wearing an eye patch 3 hours per day to try to remedy her Amblyopia.   She doesn’t mind it at all, and it seems to be working. 

2013-02-10 002 2013-02-10 019

Happy Buttons…Happy 100th day of school.



Dora Gedeon said...

I wish I had some of these!:)

Neabear said...

Such cheerful buttons!



Made by Brian Trager