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Monday, February 18, 2013

Doily and lace shirt


2013-02-02 002 2013-02-02 006

I made this funky shirt by layering pieces of doilies and lace onto a plain shirt.   It’s not quite my style, but it was fun to play around with pretty little scraps.

2013-02-02 002 2013-02-02 006


I tried something new on this project; spraying adhesive onto the doily before placing it on my shirt. That gave me a tacky hold and  I was able to move the piece around a few times.   When I was happy with the placement, I sewed it into place without worrying about pinning it down or it slipping out of place.   The spray was a little bit stinky, but it washes out just fine.


1 comment:

mom said...

ha...didn't know about this one!!! cute!


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