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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

cashmere for work

My outfit:

$1 black shirt from garage sale  (too short for me)

Cashmere sweater from friend.  (had a hole and too small)

$8 Black pants (Talbot brand) from Clothes Mentor store

$.50 shoes from garage sale


I sewed the bottom portion of the sweater to the shirt, making it nice and long for a layered look without the actual layer. I did some reverse appliqué in the shape of a flower with a small piece of the sweater.



I don’t usually buy shoes at garage sales, but these looked brand new, were super cute and I knew the lady.   Plus, 50 cents!!!!  



Ronda said...

Love the shoes! I wish I had that sort of luck at garage sales. It's usually kids junk that I get talked into buying for the girls.

mom said...

WOW, great outfit!!!

Sara said...

LOVE those shoes!!!! Your shirt is great!! it's the perfect length and I love the flower :-)


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