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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Things heard around my house: july 2012




Joshua:  I bought Kaylee’s dollhouse for 30 cents!

Me:  You mean the one I stored in your closet because she doesn’t play with it?

Joshua:  Yes.  And she included all the furniture too! For 30 cents!!!!

Me:  Sounds like a good deal.


Joshua:  “If I put a bowl of mustard in the refrigerator and it turn into delicious ice cream that would be a MIRACLE!”

Why yes, I do believe that would qualify as a miracle.


“Mom, can you take the wrapper off this apple please?”  Grace (2 and 3/4 yr old)


I made Brian slouch down for this picture so my face wasn’t level with his armpit for once, although I absolutely love his deodorant.

When my niece Breann commented on how tall Gracie was getting, she replied “Uh-huh!  Now I can reach all the food that I want.”


Kaylee (5 yrs) : Daddy is the fastest person in the whole UNIVERSE!


Happy 4th of July!


Me, Mike and Liz at the family reunion in the Adirondack mountains. 


user name:  seans2345

password: super345

Joshua created his first user name and password for a superhero website.


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