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Friday, June 29, 2012

Things heard around my house: june 2012


“I’m so tired, I just poured coffee into my cereal bowl.”  - Brian


Me:  I think I’ll go to bed early tonight.  I’m pooped!

Grace:  When I poop my diaper, my mom changes me.


Gracie told my mom a creative story that went something like this:

G: One time I was a bug and I flew into the playhouse.

Mom:  Really?  What color bug were you?

G:  I had red eyes and purple wings. I was beautiful! And then one time I was a tree frog and I lived in that tree. I had sticky fingers. And when I was Diego I had a power pack and I saved animals.  And then I turned into me.


Kaylee: I think I’ll study animals when I grow up. (almost 5 yr)

A couple days later she randomly said, “I want to be a farmer when I grow up.”


Grace:  My legs are full from that yogurt. (She jumps on my lap)  Why are you wearing glasses?

Me: So I can see.  (smooch, smooch, smooch)  Why are you so sweet?

Grace:  Because I’m full of that yogurt!


Kaylee commenting on a public bathroom:  “It smells like a hippopotamus went poopy in here!”


On Father’s Day Joshua wondered, “When is it Happy Brother’s Day?”


Kaylee:  “Everyone in the whole world has different middle names!”

Me: “Actually, some people have the same middle name, like Daddy and Joshua.”

Kaylee:  “What? You mean his name is DADDY PAUL TRAGER?”


Joshua to Grace:   NO!!!!  Don’t drink that!  It’s warm and you could get sick and die!!!”

Me:  Joshua, cut it out.  She can drink that if she wants.

Joshua:  No!  It really happened to me!

Me:  You died?  When you drank warm water?

Joshua:  (exasperated)  Mo-oooom, I told you I’m not like other people.


Grace:  Look at the moon!   It’s broken.    (it was a half moon)


Kaylee:  I love you *this* much!   (stretching her arms out)

Me:  I love you to the moon and back.

Kaylee:  I love you up to God and back.


Grace: I’m a big girl! (after a successful trip to the potty)

Brian: Do you want to be a big girl or to be “daddy’s little girl” forever?

Grace: (thought for a moment) Daddy’s girl forever!!!!



Neabear said...

Awesome comments from your kids!! Such fun things they say. That hippopotamus poopy one cracked me up. Also loved the one about Kaylee loving you up to God and back! So adorable.


mom said...

oh gosh...these are so adorable


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