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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My daddy…. 2012

For the past couple of years, I’ve asked the kids some basic questions about their dad for Father’s Day.   We always get a lot of laughs… are a few.

My daddy is______ years old.

Grace: 78

Kaylee: 24

Joshua: 31 exact years older than me.  (they share a birthdate)

My Daddy’s favorite color is:

Grace: pink

Kaylee: green

Joshua: red, because Mario’s shirt is red and he always picks Mario.


He weighs ______ pounds and is _____feet tall.

Grace: 3, BIG

Kaylee: 21 pounds and 20 feet tall

Joshua: over 100 pounds, 6.7 feet tall

My Daddy’s job is_____________.

Grace: to work with Brian Cornwell.

Kaylee: to keep us safe.

Joshua: work at RIT.


Daddy is happy when ___________.

Grace: we close the refrigerator door quick.

Kaylee: when I play games with him.

Joshua:  when I get a blue day.

The best thing about my Daddy is _____________.

Grace: when he takes pictures of us.

Kaylee: that he’s alive!

Joshua: that he loves us.



1 comment:

Ronda said...

Gia's school did a similar thing for Father's Day and sent it home in book form. She said her Daddy was 78 years old and 12 feet tall!
I loved all your kids answers, but especially Kaylee's when she said his job was to keep them safe. That's definitely on his list of duties!


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