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Friday, April 20, 2012

purdue fix


Brian attended Perdue University for one year, so he’s partial to their sports teams.    I think his mom bought him this t-shirt but he would never wear it because the “Purdue” decal stitching was scratchy on the inside.  When he said it could go in the donate pile, I got a little bit excited and asked if I could fix it for him.

Although I alter just about everything I wear, it’s not often I can do something for his wardrobe.

Red pen leaks from his back pocket? Nothing I can do.

Jeans shrink in length?  I won’t add lace or trim to extend it for him.

Oil spill on his shirt?  Adding ruffles to hide the stain isn’t going to work.

But scratchy?  I can work with that.


I used some of the leftover t-shirt material from Gracie’s dress and used “wonder-under” to glue a soft back to the inside of the shirt.


It looks a little funny on the inside, but the patch isn’t visible at all from the front!


He wears it every time it comes out of the wash, so I’m gonna call it a successful fix!


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mom said...

way to go!


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