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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dinner Napkin dresses


My girls were invited to a “tea party” birthday party and I wanted them to have something new to wear.  I rummaged through my stash and found 6 dinner napkins.   I got them on Black Friday at a thrift store near my mom’s house.  $1 for 6 dark purple satin-y napkins.

I’m not really into that sort of thing at the dinner table, but I knew it would be a good addition to “THE STASH” in my basement.  All the edges were finished off, so there was no hemming needed at all!


I found some white t-shirts and added the napkins in two different ways.

I let the girls pick out flowers for the top, and they went to town digging through my flower stash.  I glued the flowers down with fabric glue and have been surprised at how well they wash in the laundry.   I intended them to be a one time use outfit, but the girls love them and have been worn over and over.


I like this style of dress the best; two napkins were joined together, then folded in half, gathered and sewn on the top of the shirt.  Almost like a “balloon” skirt.  

Kaylee’s napkins were left at full length, gathered and sewn underneath the shirt.


One of the party games was to design a fancy hat.   My girls LOVED that! 

And I loved making something unique for them to wear using stuff I already had in the house.


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mom said...

oh amy jo these are sooooooooo never cease to amaze me!! these are adorable!!!!


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