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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Things heard around my house: March 2012”

“Was I lonely when I was the only kid?”  Joshua asked.
“I don’t think so” I replied, “because you had mom and dad all to yourself.”
“Well, except when you went to work.  But I only had to wait two years until my sister was born and now I’m never lonely!”  Someday he’ll learn the difference between lonely and alone.


(I’m always amazed to see that a tiny little device like my phone can entertain all 3 kids at the same time.  I think they are watching something on Netflix, probably “Go, Diego, Go.”)

Mommy, I love you best ever forever. 
(Grace says at bedtime)IMG_0426

“Hey mom!  Can I take things out of the recycle bin to make a project?”  Kaylee asked.
“Of course!!!”  I replied, internally bursting with pride at this daughter of mine.
“Hey Joshua!  I’m making things out of the TRASH!!!”  she enthusiastically told Joshua.IMG_0400

(My cousin and I made St. Patrick’s Day shirts for our kids by cutting heat bonding vinyl with my silhouette machine.   It was an annoying project with cool results.  I’m glad we did it together!)
“Maybe God and Santa Clause live next door to each other!" Kaylee joked, which made Joshua screech with laughter.  She’s the little comedian in our family.IMG_0403
(Joshua also had a similar shirt, but he wouldn’t show his face to the camera.   This photo works though, to make me laugh at the lucky headless kid)

Things I googled this month:
How to get lipstick out of carpet.  (use goo-gone)
Cranbury, NY (to see if our bedtime story is based on a true place.  It’s not.)
What is in egg beaters?  (egg whites and beta carotene for the color)

"Daddy is INVINCIBLE!!!!!"  I shouted when Brian successfully hooked up our new dishwasher after working on it for four hours.
"What's new...." sighed Kaylee, totally not impressed.


mom said...

“Hey mom! Can I take things out of the recycle bin to make a project?” Kaylee asked.

“Of course!!!” I replied, internally bursting with pride at this daughter of mine.

oh and grammy is really bursting with prid!!!this is all passed down from her great grandma!!! where do you think I got the idea of making things from egg cartons and tuna cans!

Neabear said...

Those shirts are so cute! I have a bunch of bottle caps saved up. Not sure what I am going to do with all of them yet.



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