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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spoon flower



I was drawn to this “piece” in a country store in Mumford, NY.   This flower’s petals are made out of spoons and the middle is a ladle!   Totally awesome repurposed little thing of beauty.  I don’t weld stuff together, so I was happy to spend $7 and take it home.   It hangs in my kitchen and is a reminder to look at everyday items in a different way.  

I wonder if I could hot glue some spoons together instead of welding…..



Ronda said...

I'm taking bets to see how long it is before you spray paint that thing!
Super cute.

Amy Jo said...

You're funny! It hadn't crossed my mind until you said it. But now I'm starting to picture it in yellow....or blue... LOL!


Made by Brian Trager