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Monday, April 23, 2012

let them fade…

Most days I put just a little thought into my outfit. Dark tops on days that I’m working.   Clothes that will hide stains when I’m around the kids. 

Some days I pay no attention and just throw anything on.

A few days ago I did just that and it was not good.   By the end of the day, I finally took off my mis-shaped sweater and noticed the tag said “Motherhood”.   Duh…  it was a maternity sweater that I probably meant to alter to fit my non-pregnant body.


This outfit made me feel happy.  I like the three solid colors together, the ruffle detail on the cropped sweater and the longer white tee underneath.  This is a look I should try to copy in other wardrobe combinations.   I like dark jeans and I can’t help fooling around with my clothes.IMG_0330


The jeans fit well, but were faded. I asked Brian to take the photos for a “before” of the jeans. Instead of just leaving them alone (like he suggested) I dyed them navy.

And now they have a purplish tint.





Interesting, right?  I wish I had left them alone!  


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