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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

and the two became one


One of my friends gave me a cut up white tee shirt.  Her son had a bloody nose and wiped it all over her shoulder.  She cut that part off and saved the rest for me knowing that I’d love that embellished little flower thing! 


Someone else gave me this cream turtle neck sweater.   I HATE turtle neck sweaters!  I feel claustrophobic in them, plus it’s not a good style for my body.   I cut that baby right up the center and hand sewed the beautiful embellished flower on one side.  


I sewed along the edges so they looked more finished than the raggedy scissor cut.  I think it’s called a “lettuce” edge, because it curls up a little into a wave.



Looks just like lettuce, right?  Winking smile


Thanks to Mendy and Cindy for feeding my passion to cut up and re-sew clothes!   Keep sending cast offs my way!    LOL


In other news, I’ve been considering getting laser eye surgery.   I’ve been wearing glasses non-stop for over 10 years, but during high school and college I wore contacts.  My tolerance for something in my eye has plummeted to ZERO. 

I met Brian sans glasses but the last full day I wore contacts was our wedding day!  I know he likes to see me without my glasses, but eh…it’s more important for *me* to see.   I keep looking at this picture….wondering what life would be like with perfect vision.   Any thoughts about laser surgery? 



Ronda said...

D.R. and I both had Lasik done by Dr. Andrew Taylor in Niagara Falls, Canada. I have an uncle and cousin who are both Opthamologists and I consulted them first about going out of the country. They actually encouraged me to have it done in Canada since they've been doing the surgery 8 years longer than the American docs (no waiting period from the FDA there). We've both been extremely happy with the results, both seeing 20/20 now without glasses.
Even when you add up the cost for gas ,tolls, a night in a hotel, and a couple of meals there, you will still pay less than HALF of what you will pay in the states, I swear.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I don't have any thoughts about laser surgery, but I do so like your sweater refashion! You must be the lucky owner of a serger......someday.....sigh....
Enjoy your day!

mom said...

LOVE the sweater.....thinking about the surgery

Marie said...

I am catching up on your wonderful blog and I wanted to chime in about the laser surgery. I had the surgery in 1999 and have been glasses free since then. Go for it!!


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