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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Built Strong to Last Long

I found a couple of recent photos of Brian that I liked.  I’m pretty sure he took them himself with a self timer, which makes me snicker. I guess he's given up nagging me to take more pictures.

I love this photo!  He looks happy, healthy and strong.   I couldn’t ask for anything better, except maybe a shave.  The other day I offered a trade:   I'd shave my legs if he'd shave his face.  I was surprised when he got right up and shaved it off.  I had no idea it would be that easy to get rid of the scratchy beard!

Ford:  Built Strong to Last Long
It’s a good logo for Brian too, and his favorite car company to boot.

This is Brian the intellectual, deep thinker pose. 
A little bit sexy and a little bit scary. 
Very intense, for sure.
Soon after posting his new profile picture, one of Brian’s students joked that he looked like the “Old World Thinker” pose.  The next day that student put together the two images and held them up to a camera at RIT.   This image has been displayed on a rotating basis for a couple weeks now on campus in Rochester, Dubai and Croatia!

1 comment:

Ronda said...

Awww, I love the beard. I'm sad to see it go but I guess with summer almost here, it was time.


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