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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Things heard around my house: January 2012

When I put both girls in time out for quarreling, Grace said indignantly,

“I NOT GO TIME OUT!!  Kaylee go time out!”


Grace has started sneaking food from the refrigerator.  I caught her hiding behind a chair and licking a popsicle.

Me:  You are a gigantic baby, Kay!   as I carried her like a baby to her room

Kaylee:   No, Joshua is the gigantic-est baby!  He is gigantic-er than me!


Joshua and Kaylee cleaning the play kitchen at the same time I clean the big kitchen.

At the Dr.’s office, Kaylee said, “Dr. Sues, is it ok for me to play with this?” 

And wonderful Dr. Hartle didn’t even bat an eye, and said “Sure, honey.”  I bet she has a lot of really great kid stories.


I’m trying to balance my desire for a clean house with the desire to promote creativity.  Four activities strewn across the kitchen floor give me twitches though…..

“I wonder why I have eyeballs running down my tears?” Joshua pondered.   I let him ponder a bit longer so he could re-arranging the sentence. 


We put softpaws on the cats so they won’t scratch our new furniture.  It seems to work, although it looks like they got a manicure.

Text from my neighbor when we were out of town:

S:  I went to your house earlier today.  Kitties are good.  So, sunny had blue claws!  I am hoping you know what that is?  Nail polish maybe?  Hoping he didn’t step in some sort of paint.  I didn’t see anything around though…

Me:  LOL  They have soft claws on so they don’t scratch the couch


1,2,3 LET IT RIP!!!!!!!  Playing with BeyBlades

“Let’s go put on belly riders!!”  all three kids will yell when it’s time for bed. 

Belly riders = footed sleeper pajamas, named because they can slide down the stairs on their bellies without getting a rug burn.



mom said...

Dr. Seus love it!!!!

Neabear said...

I have never heard of the softpaws before. I would think it would be a challenge to get them on their claws! I have to laugh at the things your kids say!



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