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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Living room built ins


Brian really wants to finish our basement and have a more comfortable place for the kids to play.  (They play down there anyway, but I think *he* would like it to be more comfortable!)   My sewing dungeon is down there and I wouldn’t mind some upgrades either.  In the process of finding someone we’d like to work with, we’ve hired out a couple of smaller projects.   I think we found the guy:  AdamIMG_0151

He built these amazing built-in bookshelves from scratch.  There’s lots of storage on the left side for all of our movies and “equipment” and then board game storage on the other side.

Just like people talk about a doctor’s bedside manner, I think contractors need to have living room manners.  I think there are lots of people with skills, but if someone is going to be in my house, around my kids and building something for me to use, I want him to be a nice guy too!


It took me almost 2 weeks to paint it all white, with all those nooks and crannies, but I saved a boat load of money doing it myself.  Brian hooked up all the wires and speakers, which also took about the same amount of time.   It’s totally changed our living room layout and I love having something new to decorate.


Here’s a couple of “before” pictures of the mantle:




Neabear said...

That turned out awesome! Love it! And love the extra storage too.


Sara said...

it is a completely new room! can't wait to come by and see it- it's like a face lift for the whole downstairs


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