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Monday, October 31, 2011

Things heard around my house: October 2011

                                               (Making silly faces!)

Texting one day while we were both on campus…
Me: I’m free 1-2. LMK if you have time to get an ice cream!
B:  (later)  didn’t see your msg in time Sad smile
Me: no kidding. U suck!
B Everyone kept getting my attention…sry
Me:  Ur in high demand.  Lucky I married you!

Texting a few weeks later on an unseasonably awesome weather day…

Me:  Class ended early!   Ice cream now?

B: Sure!  Let’s go.

we walked until we found each other, grinned at the mid-day date opportunity.  no kids. no work.  Just sunshine, fresh air, ice cream and time together.

                           (One last bonfire and smores for the fall with Grammy)
"Look at the things in my doctor bag!”  Kaylee excitedly showed me things from pre-school.   Then she lowered her voice in awe,  “I even have a real LIVE band aid.”

Joshua:  What should we name the next baby in our family?
Kaylee:  How about “ Zero Stanley Trager”?  (we read and watched Holes recently.)
Joshua:   What is Trager spelled backwards?  That would be a good name for our next baby!

(Now that Grammy has 2 puppies, Kaylee has spent a lot of time pretending to be a dog…lapping up water.)

Look at me!  I got my boobs on!- Kaylee (with my bra wrapped around her little body and my boots up to her thighs)


Aunt Sara:   Grace, did you want this?
Grace:  (no response)
Aunt Sara:  Grace, yes or no?
Grace: No
Joshua:  Well, she always says the last word that you say.
Aunt Sara:  Ok, Grace, did you want this?  No?  or Yes?
Grace:  No.
Joshua: (Surprised)  Hmmmmmmm.  I guess she has a mind of her own!

                                             (Saturday morning pancakes)
Joshua spent a couple days at Grammy’s house by himself.  Once when he was playing with the puppies he said, “Oh!  I wish Kaylee could see this!”   And another time as they built a gigantic bonfire by tossing pine needles on the fire,  “I wish Kaylee could be here too!”
(This made my heart melt, considering how much time they spend fighting.)

                ( Gracie’s 2 year birthday pose)
Me:   Why are you nakey?  (As she was eating ice cream after dinner)
Grace:  Because.
Me: No, I asked you why?
Grace:  Because.   I nakey.


“Happy Ween!”   said the ladybug on Halloween.



mom said...

Miss Kaylee will die if you ever bring that pic out with her putting her boobs on.

love this love this....

Andi said...

They are so cute!

Neabear said...

Your kids say the darnedest things! So funny. Also I noticed the boots were on the wrong feet too! Nice you got that unexpected date time as well! Those are the special moments!


PS I know, exclamation points in every sentence. LOL!


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