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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween at our House

When you have friends that love Halloween as much as the Fantastic Foxes, it becomes a day worth getting excited about.  How awesome are those costumes???    Sara's mom made it all, starting with a batman mask as the base to the face.  Then she sewed the dress and mailed it up to NY.   Seriously...that's what I want to be doing when I'm retired.  :)

Tanya put some frosting on her face to go with her clown hair.   Grace called her "Dirty Tanya" all night!   I threw on a blue wig and zebra hat right before heading out the door, and the kids called me a model.   Love that!
Little Lady Bug with Mrs. Fox.
Grace was determined to walk (even though Aunt Sara forgot to put shoes on her little pajama-ed feet) and she was determined to carry her own treat bag.   It was awesome to watch her try to get candy with those mittens on.   Probably frustrating for her, but so funny to us!     "I keep hand up;  I keep hands up!"  she would say every time someone tried to carry her treat bag for her.    It was the only way she could carry it around without dumping all the contents.  (which happened a few times)
After trick or treating, Mrs. Fox read the story "The Fantastic Mr. Fox", charging one piece of candy from all three kiddos. 

Brian threw on  a Jedi cloak that I sewed for a Halloween party about 7 years ago.    It never goes out of style, so he keeps on wearing it year after year.

We went around the whole block, 5 adults happily watching the ladybug, pumpkin and superman collect free candy.  Such a nice night filled with happy kids, friendly neighbors, and an awesome kid to adult ratio 5:3.    I even held hands with Brian for about 2 minutes as we walked down the street, knowing that 6 other eyes were keeping track of our kids.   What a great way to spend my least favorite holiday of the year.    Fun times...


Ronda said...

I know most Christians are completely opposed to Halloween but I see no harm in having some good family fun like you (and we) did. It's a nice little treat for the kiddos and gives the adults a chance to hang out too.
So glad you had a good time!

Amy Jo said...

That's true, Ronda! When I was growing up, we ignored the "Devil's holiday" and stayed home in the basement with all the lights turned off. Today, I'm still not crazy about the whole thing, but I've come a long way, baby! And the kids have so much fun dressing up (cute costume! I'll never get into the creepy ones) and exploring the neighborhood. It's all about what you choose to make of it, I guess.


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