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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things heard around my house: August 2011

I painted our kitchen table white and had a huge white window seat installed.   I thought it looked great, but Kaylee thought differently.
Kaylee:  Why is everything white, White, WHITE in here? 
Me:  Because I like white in the kitchen.  What colors would you like in here?
Kaylee:  Hot pink and red.
Me:  Well, you can decorate your kitchen like that when you grow up.

Joshua:  I have something really special to tell you!!!!!
Kaylee:  what?
Joshua:  God make the whole world!!!
Kaylee:  oh. 

One August evening, we sat on the front porch to watch a summer storm pass over our house.
Joshua:  How much damage can lightning do?
At that moment, thunder and lightning struck simultaneously and we all screamed.
Kaylee was the first to speak, "I thought the lightning was going to burn a hole in my butt!"
Joshua said, "God aimed that lightning right at us!"
Gracie added, "Mama, that loud."

Playing with some June bugs on the ground, Kaylee yelled, "Look at that cockroach!!"

Do you want some gum?  Kaylee asked, showing me different color wooden blocks
This one is Orange blossom.
This one is yummy, yummy moose moss. 
The next one is hot fudge.
This one is yummy, yummy, SUPER yummy grape jelly.
The last one is Raisin Bran Hot Fudge.
Which one do you want?
(I picked Raisin Bran Hot Fudge gum.)

Listening to Gracie’s playlist, which consists of only Sarah McLaughlin's “Ordinary Miracle”….
“Mama, will you dance with me?”  Kaylee asked, and I twirled her around and around.

It's not that unusual
When everything is beautiful
It's just another ordinary miracle today
Life is like a gift they say
Wrapped up for you everyday
Open up and find a way
To give some of your own


mom said...

this always give me laughter, smile and sooooooo precious!!!

liz petrovsky said...

ok, soooo funny. I love the " lighting burning a hole in my butt" from Kaylee,,, haaaa and her amazing flavors of gum ! Your kids are so cute and your such a good mom, ( even if your a big fan of " white " in your house ) miss you my dear sister =)

liz petrovsky said...

Oh , yea and Sara McGlaughlin always makes me think of you...havent heard her in forever, but she has always been one of my favorites. Stil have a CD you made for me of her from like 12 years ago =)

Sara said...

kaylee always makes me think of hot pink and red... i have no doubt that her kitchen will be smashing!


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