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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shelves, #2

I built two shelves for Joshua’s room. 



I followed Ana White’s instructions for a $10 ledge.  If you google “Ana White $10 ledge”, you’ll find tons of people who have made them, so I’m not a pioneer in this project…but it’s still pretty freakin awesome!

I used the nail gun (oh yeah!) wood glue and 6 pieces of wood for the 2 ledges.   Really easy project.  really.

Brian helped me drill some screws into the studs of the wall, and they are super duper strong.  He also made triple sure that the ledges were level before drilling.    (I don’t think I’ve ever hung anything perfectly level in my life)


Joshua's wooden ledge has similar features to the gutter bookshelf that we installed in Kaylee’s room.    Both hold books facing outward so the kids can see the book covers easily.  The wooden ledges are cheaper to make and MUCH more sturdy.  I know Joshua has probably already hung off of them….Kaylee too, I bet.


We found the lime green chair at Target for about $25.   It’s actually comfortable to sit in and a great accent color in his room.

Sometimes I find him asleep in the chair with the light on and a book in his hand.   So, so cute…..



Sara said...

oh my goodness!! His room has sure turned around from little boy to a big KID! I still remember reading & cuddling inside thomas the train. Tell these babies to stop growing up so fast please ;-)

mom said...


Diana said...

I love the shelves!! I would reall love some for my scrapbooking room...I will have to show my husband this! :)


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