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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A container for my containers

I love a good container.   I try to only save the “really cool” ones out of the recycle bin, but sometimes I get carried away and end up with more Pringles cans, jelly jars and Altoid tins than I will use.


I spray painted an ugly old popcorn tin that has been sitting around my basement.  


Maybe it’s a tad obvious, but hey, I like to label things.


When this “container” gets filled up with awesome containers, that’s it.  No more.

I’m containing my containers.



mom said...

so funny....

Neabear said...

Some of those containers can be so cute. What do you put in some of your containers?


Amy Jo said...

I use some for gift containers, after covering them with paper or adding ribbons. Also, for organization and storage for all over the place!

carole said...

The label is great. :)

I have been on the lookout for a popcorn tin like that. If you see any when you're out and about will you let me know?

Amy Jo said...

Sure! I'll grab a popcorn tin the next time I come across one. They should be ultra cheap at garage sales/ thrift sales. They are such a cool size!

Diana said...

We have so many containers left over from ordering chinese husband always says, "Save these" and only half get used! Love that you put your little containers in a bigger container! :) Love the mason jars!


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