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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Small scale gardening (with trash)

Last year we replaced 8 tires.  
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, right?
I saved two of the worn out tires and had Brian hang them on the shed.   It made me feel a little better…like I got a good deal on the purchase. 
Brian…what a guy….he can make my weirdest ideas a reality.
This year,  I wanted to make our outdoor spaces a little more interesting.   A bit eclectic with “furniture” like stuff.  (Since I’m so bad at gardening!)

$10 red wagon from Thrift Store
$20 cream planter (50% off) from Joann’s for my tomato's
$2 metal thing with 3 shelves  from an estate sale
$2 yellow chair from a garage sale 8 years ago.
$0 wood ladder from the old playhouse
(hmmm.  that $20 planter seems pricey, compared to the other deals, huh?)
I was worried someone would try to climb up the ladder, so I rigged up old planters with twine to hang off the ladder. 

I dug out a huge strip of clay soil, replaced the dirt with some worm compost and some topsoil.  Now shade loving hostas line the walkway, and I really hope they don’t die.   (like everything else I’ve planted there)


Sara said...

i love what you did with the ladder!! :-) crossing my fingers for your hostas

mom said...

This looks WONDERFUL!!!!! now I need you to help me with ideas at my house!

Christine said...

It looks so amazing! I'm inspired...


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