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Monday, August 22, 2011

$40 table


The table above wasn’t $40.   Sad smile    It was much, much more.

We bought it brand new for our little city house before there was such a thing as Craig's List.   It was perfect for that space, but not so perfect for our current house.  The dark cherry table didn’t match our maple cabinets, and it was difficult to squeeze around when we had company over.  

Honestly, I just wanted a change and I love a good project.

I scoured C.L. for many months before I found the perfect pedestal table with leaf, at a price I could work with.   I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, so $40 sounded good to me.

This table had been used for years by another family.  And it showed.

It was grimy and sticky with undistinguishable globs. Then it had been stored in the garage for a while, so there were spider webs to deal with too.   Good thing I’m such a sucker for a deal.

I sanded it down, using our round electric hand sander.   Blah.   Dusty, dirty work.IMG_9730

I spray painted Kiltz Primer over everything, then sanded it down again.  I spray painted it white, glazed all those really awesome details dark, then re-painted the top with a foam sponge roller.IMG_9729

This bottle of Martha’s glaze is probably going to last until the end of time.


The details along the edge and pedestal are so cool!


It makes the kitchen seem much lighter.  But then my chairs from the old table set TOTALLY didn’t match Miss Pedestal.   

To be continued…..





Sara said...

oh my goodness! goodbye to your old table?! many a good long talks have been had at that spot :-) i love the detail in the pedestal, beautiful!

Ronda said...

Do you have a dining room where you can use the old table? It looks more like a formal table to me.

Amy Jo said...

The original table is definetly more of a formal table, but we are using our "dining room" as a library room. We have two computers and a wall of bookshelves. I've saved the old table in the basement because I may eventually want to use it as a giant craft table.


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