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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Updated mini pea coat

I bet my mom loves this coat, just as it is.  
And I see the potential there, hiding behind gold accents.
I discovered this wool pea coat under Gracie’s bed the other day when I took down her crib.  She’s officially in a big girl bed, even though it’s strange to see her tiny little body in that big twin bed, it’s working out pretty good.   (meaning I’m getting much more sleep)
I dumped out my bucket of buttons, which was pretty fun, and found a few sets of colors that were the right size.
That gold star makes me think of Anne Frank.  Thank God it just peeled off.  The ribbon came off pretty easily too and the buttons took just a quick little snip, snip, snip.
Gold, BE GONE!
I decided on navy blue buttons and added a flower pin to sweeten it up.  
Grace declined to try it on, but I’ll get it on her this winter.  Oh yes I will…..


mom said...

You are right I see nothing wrong with this little coat but you did make it always you amaze me!!!!

Sara said...

i *love* peacoats- so chic and special. grace is going to look adorable


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