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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things heard around my house: March 2011

Kaylee: When is the next birthday?
Me: You have the next family birthday! July 25th.
How old will you be?
Kaylee: 4! And then next I’ll be 5! I’ll have a batman party and I’ll be a boy! (Joshua had a batman party when he turned 5)
Me: Well, you can have a batman party, but you’ll never be a boy, sweetie. (and then I immediately thought about those people who have a sex change, and their poor mothers...wonder how I would handle that)
Her name is "Greena" because she is green.
And this bear is "Yella" because he is yellow.
- Kaylee

Horrified, Joshua said, "Mom! You just licked the peanut butter off that knife!"
"Sorry. That was naughty, huh?" I said, wishing I hadn't been caught.
"That's ok. Even adults make mistakes sometimes!" he responded with a big smile.
(We played a silly game where each person had to put on as much winter clothing as possible in 1 min.)

(Kaylee Crying) "Daddy just brushed my hair and it hurt really bad and it bledded."


Kaylee: ...18,19,20. Ready or not, here I come!
Joshua: Wait, I'm not ready! I didn't find a hiding spot yet!
Kaylee: That's ok, I'll help you. Why don't you hide behind this chair?
Joshua: ugh..... You can't tell me where to hide, because then you know where to find me!

Before leaving for the bus,
J: Bye Kaylee. I love you!
K: I love you too. I'm going to miss you.
J: I'm going to miss you too. Bye!


Me: Gracie, are you tired?
G: Yes
Me: Do you want to go to bed?
G: No

Me: Do you love mommy?
G: Yes. Mama. Dada. Joshua.
Me: Do you love Kaylee too?
G: (smiling, signs "Kaylee". She can't say that name yet)

"I WON!" Gracie says once she's made it to the top of the stairs. (17months)

While driving in the car, Joshua asked “Mom, what is one million minus two thousand?”
I replied, “I can’t think that hard while I’m driving.”

Me: I heard you ran into a friend at Chuckie Cheese with Grandpa?
Joshua: Yes, all of my girlfriends. Julia, Rebecca, Brooke, Catarina
Me: Oh wow. That sounds like a birthday party.
Joshua: Yes! It was Rebecca's birthday.
Me: (lol) You crashed your first party!
Joshua: No, I didn't crash it. They were happy to see me!

Kaylee, bawling Joshua out:
“You shouldn’t have told-ed me because I already know-ed it! And when you told-ed me, you made me drop this!”

Me: Ok everyone! Get shoes and coats's time to take our friends to the airport.
Joshua: I don't want to go.
Me: Sorry babe. You have to go where I go.
Joshua: But I'm 5 years old and I can do whatever I want!!!
Me: Uh. Not quite. Get moving.


carole said...

I really always love these monthly posts. And this time I especially love all the everyday photos with you in them! What lucky kids to have you as their mom.

Sara said...

love this!! every month i look forward to this post! I agree with carole, the pictures are so sweet!

p.s i love the fabric on the chairs... coordinated but not
matching... so chic

mom said...

So glad you are keeping this know I look forward to it...oh and the photo of you on the floor laughing with all three kids on you....priceless!


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