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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grandma’s earrings

A few months ago I looked through my grandmother’s collection of jewelry with my family.   She had a lot of clip on ear rings that were fun to try on, but not in style or reasonably comfortable.  I asked to take several things back home with me and eventually they’ll end up in different projects, I hope.   Here’s the first:



I sorted through some outgrown or stained kids clothes.


Selected a hand-me-down shirt that I’ve never liked and cut a chunk out.   Rolled that chunk up into a circle/ flower thing…


I bent the “clip” part off of the earing, then hot glued it to the center of the flower.  


Kaylee loves to wear purple, so these clip on ear rings will get more use adorning the center of a hair clip than anyone’s actual ears.




Sara said...

I love how you are reusing the earrings from your sentimental.

mom said...

love it

Erin said...

Isn't that funny . . . my grandma never had pierced ears. The jewelery in her possession wasn't really anything any of us would wear or want except that it was hers :-)


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