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Monday, March 14, 2011

Can someone teach me to do laundry?

Considering the amount of laundry I do, I really ought to know how to get things clean.   But I think there is some  kind of special education that I’m missing.   Clothes get stained on a regular basis over here.  Lucky I have a few tricks up my sleeve.


I added some big fat lace on the edges of this  Target sweater.  

Cute, right?  I get compliments on it every time I wear it.  It’s unique.  It was easy.  It makes me feel like “Fancy Nancy”.

Cue: blue circle stain on the left, right next to the pretty lace.


I ripped up some scraps from a pretty maternity shirt that had frayed and was un-donatable.  The upside down “V” shape covers the stain, and the fabric flower is attatched with a pin back.    Honestly, I’m not sure this is going to get worn…the fabric flower is a little much for me, but I wasn’t ready to throw the sweater away yet.



Subject #2:  Kaylee’s thrift store dress

I got this Children’s Place dress for about $2 at the Salvation Army on Black Friday.  My neighbor and I wanted to go out shopping, but couldn’t stomach the mass hysteria at the malls, so we went to the Salvation Army.  Everything was half off for Black Friday!


It was in perfect condition, but of course that didn’t last long.   It looks like chocolate down the front of her dress.  I thought chocolate would just come out in the wash.   I’m wrong, huh?


I found a long ribbon and rolled it up into a flower sort of thing and then hand sewed it onto the front of the dress.  




Anyone have laundry tricks that I should know?

I wash all the kids clothes together and the adult clothes together.   I don’t separate out any colors or any fabrics….it all gets lumped in together.  I’d like to say this works for me, but uh…it doesn’t really.



Suzie said...

Ha I love your blog! I only wish I had an ounce of your creativity :-)

Neabear said...

I always separate my colors into darks, lights and whites. The whites I include bleach. I also put towels in with the whites regardless of the color. Sometimes towels I do separately, but usually don't have a big enough load for that.

But recently I have started using Oxi Clean instead of bleach. There is even a Oxi Clean prewash spray. My lab coats are getting dirty all the time and I find that spraying with Oxi Clean and then added a liquid Oxi Clean in with liquid detergent really helps a lot. I was able to get a chocolate stain off one of my husband's shirts using the Oxi Clean prewash spray.

I have a front loader washer so that is why I use liquid detergent designed for front loaders.

Hope that helps!


mom said...

hmm..well I know it saves time to just throw all in together...but I do seperate....whites, darks and lights....add bleach to the whites..and Shout it out to spray on stains...but actually I like the creative alternatives you come up with!!!

Donna said...

I agree with separating whites, colors, darks, and I do a separate towel load..I hate towel lint on my clothes. I use a spray treatment on stains like chocolate, blood, coffee..pretty much anything I don't think will come out with a regular load (mostly based on my experience). I also do a double pre-treatment for really tough stains. I have this old fashioned bar laundry soap with a really weird name (starts with a Z, but I can't remember..but it's at Wegmans) that I'll use first then I'll spray with oxiclean or some equivalent. It's not a perfect system, though..I've ruined my share of clothes and I always turn Phil's undershirts yellow.

carole said...

I'm awful with laundry, too. I mean, I separate lights and darks, and always wash darks on cold. But I still get those grease/food stains on my kids clothes - and sometimes on mine! It's so frustrating! We use Charlies Soap for our detergent - and I think it's helped to a degree, but ....

Felz Naptha is the laundry bar Donna's thinking of. That does work pretty well. But the thing is - those greasy looking stains don't show up until AFTER when you've already put them through the dryer (am I right?). So what do we do? Treat each and every item of clothing?

Best wishes!!


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