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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PLaying around with a grey sweater



I got this grey sweater over the weekend at a thrift shop for a couple dollars.  No tag, so I’m not sure where it’s from, but I love the color gray for work, and this one is a cute style, especially on the flared sleeves.

There were a couple of small holes, so while I had my sewing needle out to stitch that up, I pulled out a few trimmings to see if I could alter this gray baby just a little.


First up, I pinned on a fabric belt from a dress that I never wear.


Second, I pinned up some eyelet lace around the empire waist seam and around the flare of the sleeve.


Third, I pinned some tiny lace around the neckline and sleeve seams, and some fat lace down the front, like a bib.

I’ve already decided which one I’ll do, but….which would you pick?  Or would you just leave the silly thing alone?



Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

I like option 1 :)

Heather said...

I would leave it has enough details ...but out of the options....I would pick the first.


Made by Brian Trager