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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I’m still buying maternity clothes

I found this HUGE red button down sweater at the thrift store. It was marked $4, but half off. 2 BUCKS!! My first thought was who is currently pregnant...pregnant enough to want an XL cardi. But then I realized that I WANTED IT!!!  I ran home to see if my idea would work....
This picture cracks me up....  Do you see where I'm going with this?

I cut the arms and trimmed down the sides of the sweater to get a square shape pillow cover.   I grabbed this sweet little Old Navy dress that Kaylee wore all the time.  I wanted to put it on Grace too, but the white part of the collar was very badly stained.



I sewed some decorative stitches along the red stripes and called it a day.  The very best part is how easy it is to take the pillow form on and off, with those buttons down the back.  SWEET!

My other V-Day decorations consisted of this beautiful paper heart garland.    I used my old flute music book (which was too hard for me to play even back in the day when I was pretty good at it) for the big heart shape, and pretty scrapbook paper for the inside heart.  White rick-rack trim holds them all together.

I loved  it hanging on my mantle, and next year when I pull it out again, it'll remind me of girls night at my house.  Eight of my best friends cut out dozens of hearts, ate fondue, laughed and talked all night long. We each took a garland home and hung it up for the holiday of love and friendship.


carole said...

Oh man - at first I thought you were making an announcement!

I punched my holes too low in the hearts so that they were top heavy and tipped forward on the string. Other than that they looked really cute, but I think I might have to make a 2nd one for next year.

Neabear said...

At first I was wondering if you were expecting again! Now I see what you are doing. That is a great idea. Looks great on the couch/chair!


Niki said...

Love your adorable Vday garland!!
Can't wait to "Stumble Upon" with you later.


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