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Monday, February 21, 2011

hello target ruffles


I gasped when I saw this little outfit at Target, and quickly shuffled through the rack until I found Kaylee’s size. 

I LOVE IT!   I don’t buy many clothes brand new because …my kids *trash* their clothes at a moments notice.  I don’t want my money or emotions focused on stains.  But I made an exception and snagged this $10 outfit because of the awesome ruffles.

When I went to pay, it rang up on clearance:  $7   haha.  SCORE!

I went back later and grabbed the same exact one for Gracie.  Double SMILES.



Christine said...

That was a great deal and super cute!

elagatta30 said...

That is super cute! You are always good at finding great deals. I see you are gravitating towards ruffles these days. I remember the ruffled duvet you posted not that long ago. Ruffles are really interesting and pretty--I think I like them because they are so striking; we don't see them as much so our eyes are drawn to them faster.

Anonymous said...


Sara said...

so sweet & feminine!! AND matching for them both?! swoon..... you must take photos :-)


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