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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tee shirt flowers


I like to make things, but wreaths are not my specialty.   IMG_7451

I started out with a $3.99 straw wreath.  Leaving the plastic cover on, I wrapped it up with some yummy red yarn.


I cut up 2 of the baby’s badly stained onesies into strips and rolled them up into flowers, using my glue gun to secure it every once in a while.


Can you believe that I used that weird looking strip and turned it into a FLOWER?   I was surprised it worked too!  lol   Do you see that knot on the right sleeve?  That’s the middle of my “flower” and I just twisted and folded the strip around until it looked ok.  The stained parts were folded up into the flower and are not noticeable. 


I put clips on the back of all the flowers so can use them in my hair, or on a jacket or purse if I want.  They are so pretty, and it makes me GRIN to turn trash into something pretty.

IMG_7460 - Copy


BUT……I've taken it down from my front door already.  Something about it bugs me….can’t put my finger on it yet.   Any thoughts?


1 comment:

mom said...

does that creative side of your brains ever rest?
I think your flowers need to be bigger/fuller and maybe only three. I know you wil come up with something!


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