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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

remembering: “It’s a girl!”



I looked into this little face this morning and remembered suddenly the day I found out she would be my second baby girl.

I’m one of those people who have to know…

BOY???? or GIRL ???????

For me, finding out I’m pregnant is sufficient surprise, thankyouverymuch.   I know it doesn’t really matter as long as I have a healthy baby, but still….I just gotta know.   At our first go around, we had a stranger in the room interpreting the ultra sound appointment.  “It’s a boy!”  and I gasped.   I was supposed to have a girl.  I wanted a girl!!!!   I think a tear may have slipped down my cheek, as I guiltily wrapped my brain around this unexpected news.

For the second go around, I nixed the stranger and got my bestest friend to come interpret the ultrasound.  I think I even arranged it so the Dr. office paid her.  Sweet, right?    She took turns holding Joshua and interpreting.   Then I heard those words I was hoping to hear:  “It’s a girl!”  Again, a tear or two slipped down my cheek…in relief.  

The third time around, no interpreter.   Just me and Brian.  The technician asked if we wanted to know the gender and I said YES.  Remember, I was already plenty (and happily) surprised to be pregnant again.  I asked her to write that one word on a paper and seal it up in an envelope.  We left the office knowing our baby was healthy, but dying to know how the dynamics of our family would change.

My sister and her boys drove into town just minutes before I got home, and we excitedly ran around hugging and kissing and catching up.  Mom had dinner ready and the kids were hungry, so we we ate on the deck.

That paper was still in my pocket.

With one word on it.

“I can’t believe you havn’t ripped it open yet!!!!!”  mom and Liz both said.

But I wanted to have a moment.   I didn’t want someone wiping their nose on my shirt, or crying that they don’t like carrots or dropping applesauce on my shoe.   Finally, dinner was over and the kids ran to play on the swings.

Out came the envelope.

It’s a GIRL!!!!!    

We screamed, laughed and jumped.

I had the moment I was looking for with my mom and sister right there.   I sighed with happiness and hopefulness…wondering if can I re-create the kind of relationship I have been blessed to have with my mom and sister.





Ronda said...

You have me in tears over here! Great story. Thanks for sharing.

Lindsey said...

awww....I never heard that story before and I LOVE IT! Very , very sweet and K & G are so fortunate to have each other! (and J is lucky to have sisterS too...)

mom said...

OH miss amy jo.....of course you have your mama crying!!! And I just know you will have the fun, the joy, the laughter and yes the tears all wrapped up together with your own girls. I am one blessed mama, thankful for the richness my girls bring to my life.


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