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Monday, September 20, 2010

Spicy Shoes

I recently spent some serious time in DSW looking for shoes to wear next month to Sara's wedding.  I've spent most of my life wearing cheap flats, or low chunky shoes.  I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of shoes in that store!  Sara, a shoe-junky, guided me towards the right section of the store where we spent a good hour trying on dozens of shoes.  To my absolute surprise, I adored these red ruffle shoes.  They are HOT!

But alas, the dress I'm wearing is navy and red just won't do.   Instead I bought the gold ruffle shoe by Nina which looks really great.  Even with jeans, right?   ;)

Grace joined us for a little shoe shopping.  She slept for an hour in the stroller....awesome little sweet thing that she is.  Then she was toted around the store, up and down the aisles while I finalized my first high heeled shoe purchase.

Kaylee and I have both practised walking around the house in my gold ruffle shoes.  I manage okay on carpet, but they feel very slippery on tile.   Any tips to avoid wiping out would be appreciated.



Ronda said...

LOVE the shoes! Most shoe stores sell those sticky things to put on the bottoms to avoid slips and falls. Good luck!

Sara said...

LOVE those shoes! You are going to be a vision :-) I agree with Ronda, put some traction on those puppies too and you're good to GO!

Thanks for the blog link love- MWAH

ookamama said...

WOW,,, never EVER seen any type of shoes like that on you ! we both pretty much have the same shoes ,, chunk style and all... Love them...look great on you... Im sure your going to be designing ur own ruffles and such on some plain ones soon=) Ur amazing ... HAPPY BORTHDAY to my big sister !!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

I AM SO In love with these shoes!!! CAN we be twins that day?? would you be offended if I bought them too???

mom said...

Shoes are great!!!! and I personally love the red ones too...should get them to have on hand for the jeans!!! and funny Liz...I can see her putting ruffles on shoes now too...;)

The Prescott's said...

I love the shoes too...I may have to go and visit DSW myself :) So I know this sounds crazy since you just spent money on these shoe and the last thing you want to do is scuff them up....but if you get on pavement or cement and just scuff up the bottoms as much as you can ( just do a little tap dance )it provides traction and you won't slip. (and you don't have to go buy anything else :) I did it for my wedding and it worked great!

Traci Michele said...

So pretty!

Carson was walking around today in Riley's princess shoes. I don't know if I should encourage that! lol

He kept bringing them to me to put on, and It felt all wrong :-) tee hee

carole said...

Hot mama! ;)


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