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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The bat cave

Joshua had a super hero themed birthday party.  He invited a few kids from the neighborhood and asked them to dress up for the party.



I’ve had some HUGE boxes in our garage for months.  I’ve been too lazy to cut them small enough to recycle.   Good thing I hung onto them, because covered with garbage bags, they made a perfect BAT CAVE.


The kids were in and out of the bat cave all day….and all week.


It lasted 5 days.The longer I left it up in my living room, the more it made me feel like “white trash mom”, instead of “cool mom who makes stuff out of boxes”. 



Traci Michele said...

So cool!

carole said...

5 days is not white trash ish.

I love the photo from inside the 'cave.'


Made by Brian Trager