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Friday, September 24, 2010

Half of a munchkin

I took the girls with me to do errands today.  We hit Home Depot, where they were setting up Christmas trees.   Blah.   Then we went through Dunkin Donuts drive through for some bags of coffee.   I know Miss K loves Dunkin Donuts, so I bought her one munchkin.  Did you know you could buy just one?  25 cents each!   I tossed the little bag back to her, congratulated myself on an accurate throw and started home.  

A minute later I heard her little voice say, "Mommy, I want to save half of this for Joshua."   I tried to convince her to eat the whole thing, because those things are SO tiny to begin with!  But she replied, "No! Joshua loves Dunkin Donuts!"

She saved that itsey little piece of a munchkin and proudly turned it over to her brother, who scarfed it down.
No matter how much they fight, that is a sign of true sibling love.

1 comment:

Ronda said...

I can't believe you can actually buy just one! Now I know where to go when I'm having a sweets craving!


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